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Competitive web design for your business has one aim: convert web traffic into leads and sales.

We know—we’re in business too. We create competitive website designs that convert.

Contact BCI Network today and launch a web design that will turn your company’s website into a conversion machine.




Every business, whether the business is physical or internet based, needs a solid online presence for survival in today’s market. Your website’s image, features and functionality are responsible for establishing seriousness, expertise, trust and even capability. Thus, it’s imperative for your future/present website to respect the highest standards in user experience and innovation.

What you need to remember is that a website design means more than some pretty graphics and flash animations. A good website design is clean, intuitive and easy to use for your future customers. Your website’s design needs actually act like an extension to your internet marketing campaign, by offering a pleasing user experience and by making your businesses more visible at the same time.

Here is how we ignite your webdesign needs:

  • Online Identity. We work hard delivering the greatest kind of webdesign, such that your company’s brand and message gets out to as many customers, through visual stimuli. This means we deliver practical and creative logos, full scale designs and interfaces.
  • High And Strict Standards. We pride ourselves on the fact that we work only by the highest standards of coding (CSS, xHTML and jScript), such that your website not only looks clean on the outside, but functions great on the inside as well.
  • Reaching a Purpose. In today’s internet based world having a SERIOUS website is a necessity. We build websites that improve and promote your brand’s image. We build website to create a new level of interaction between you and your customers. We build websites to find new customers and create new leads. Whatever your website’s planned purpose may be, we’re here to see it through – if you’re not sure what you want from your website, we also offer consultation.

We also love playing with web application and innovating new technologies. Words like PHP, MySQL, C#, Java Script, .NET, ASP, Ajax, CSS and other technicalities resonate everyday down at our office, as we try to implement the necessary solutions for your needs. Here’s just a few ways on how we approach web development:

  • E-Commerce. Long has gone the time when people would spend hours in malls in shop all day; now, everyone does his shopping online, because it’s fast, hassle-free and easy (According to an independent researcher roughly 83% of active internet users are said to have shopped online once in their life time).We’ve successfully implemented multiple e-commerce shops around the world, but when our internet marketing meets web development, things really get ‘messy,’ as in profitable. We can build your e-commerce website fast, clean, secure and, most of all, profitable.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS). Every one loves frequently update content, especially the big G, that’s why CMS have become really popular lately, and rightously so, considering how powerful they can be.Besides a good design, a website needs a good backend as well. We are capable of implementing a capable CMS for your webiste, according to your needs, with an admin panel from which you can easily administer a mirriard of site related stuff, like news, galleries, podcasts and so on.
  • Platform implementation. We have the necessary resources and skills to build social networks, web portals and just about anything pretty fancy you see across the web.

Due to the high volume of customer submissions, we are only accepting 20 new customers each month, in order to ensure quality assurance. Seats are first come first serve basis, make sure to contact us now! Thank you for understanding.

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