BCI to promote Atlanta’s up and coming Hip hop artist JUAN ROGELIO formerly Lyrical Terror


Juan Rogelio was born in 1987 as a product of The Bronx. Ever since he could remember  jazz, rnb, hip hop and gospel boomed the house. He believes the impression of the music took it’s toll on his character. His mom was a poet also and he feels it was only right for the art of rhyme to flow through his blood. In 1998 he moved to the beautiful city of Atlanta and  took his music to whole new level. He networked with some of the best hip hop artist in the local rap game, since then he has been on a mission to create a genre of his own music. His mission now is to be a breath of fresh air to the hip hop community. He feels music changes lives and for you to be a true artist you gotta ” Put ya soul in it”. Originally from the Bronx but now in Atlanta for over 13 years. Most people say he is well rounded and has a strong east coast bar with a southern business mind frame.

Known in the streets of Atlanta by the alias Lyrical Terror, Juan Rogelio And Lyrical for short. He believes that dreams can come true and everything happens for a reason if pursued. The game itself has been the same over a number of years and has been missing an impact ever since Tupac and Biggie perished. His quest is to “fill those shoes and it’s going to be journey, but if I didn’t love what I did then I couldn’t in no way or form call myself a legend”. At the end of the day fans know whats real, so when you see him and wonder why he looks so chill its because the real deal is back.

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