Poetry Network MyOwnVerse SEO Example

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Listing in this portfolio, is the Alexa.com details for MyOwnVerse.  Here you can view the traffic stats, traffic rank, bounce %, and much more.  In addition, a even more detailed report can be provided through our servers tracking record dating back to 2007.  Please contact upon request.  To support this, we have proven results of an increase in traffic as high as 200% using our SEO tactics!

*Note, Alexa.com is updated everyday and as traffic changes, so are these updates.

Using various handcrafted SEO techniques we managed to get our very own MyOwnVerse Poetry Network to the top of several search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for various relevant keywords, like the one in the picture. By doing this, the overall increasing of revenue and organic traffic made it easier for our network to maintain stability and constant growth.

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